Benefits of Leasing

WE COVER MOST EVERYTHING IN THE LEASE – Shipping, installation, software and related soft costs. There is no need to obtain additional financing elsewhere.

LEASING CONSERVES WORKING CAPITAL – Cash is not tied up in equipment. It’s free for income producing investments; sales, marketing, real-estate, etc.

LEASING PRESERVES BANK LINES – Credit remains available for other needs.

LEASING CAN SAVE ON TAXES – Because leasing cost can come out of before-tax dollars, not after tax profits.
 LEASE TERMS ARE GENERALLY MORE EXTENDED THAN BANK LOANS – Also, there are no compensating balance requirement, floating rates or restrictive covenants.

LEASING AVOIDS RAPID OBSOLESENCE – The most modern equipment is just an upgrade away, and implementation is easy, so you can always be at your competitive best.

LEASING FIGHTS INFLATION – Fix rate lease costs remain the same, no matter how much prices rise. You pay for the equipment for tomorrow’s potentially cheaper dollar.

LEASING KEEPS EQUITY INTACT – There is no need to issue stock or sell part of the company to raise capital, a common alternative method of generating expansion funds.

LEASING IS CONVENIENT AND FLEXIBLE – Budgeting and bookkeeping are simplified, terms are personalized, capital appreciation reduced and most financing restrictions eliminated.
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