Frequently Asked Questions

>How can I lease equipment from Crown Financial Group?
For transactions under $75,000.00 simply complete a one-page confidential credit application and e-mail it to Crown Financial Group. All applications are immediately processed. A response with the status will take place with-in hours. Transactions with marginal credits may take longer to process.

>Do I need to send a financial package with the credit application?
We require a financial package for transactions above $75,000.00. Usually two years of tax returns and financial statements. The account manager that handles your account will determine what he needs to get the transaction completed.

>What kind of equipment can be leased?
Virtually any equipment, new or used, can be leased. Leasing can also cover software and “soft cost” such as freight, installation and training.

>How long will it take to get an approval?
Processing of your credit application will begin immediately upon submittal. Once we have received all the necessary information, the credit decision will be provided to you within hours.

>What if I decide to finance additional equipment or upgrade my existing equipment?
As your business grows and your needs change, you can add or upgrade equipment at any point during the lease term. If the nature of your industry demands that you have the latest technology, leasing can help prevent your equipment from becoming obsolete.

>Will Crown Financial Group work with my equipment suppliers?
Yes! Crown Financial Group has extensive experience working with your equipment suppliers. Especially, when you need equipment from more than one supplier. We also offer pre-funding when required.

>What about sales/use tax?
Any applicable sales tax will be in addition to your lease payments.

>How much do I have to pay up front?
With Crown Financial Group you have several options. A typical lease would require the first and last monthly payments in advance.

>How do I apply for a lease?
Complete our easy application and return to us by email to: After credit approval, the lease documents can be emailed, faxed or sent by overnight to you for your signature.
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